• Liz Wanless

HOME STAGING AND DATE NIGHT - more similar than you think!

Presenting the best version of your house. That’s what “home staging” is in the real estate market. It makes business sense.

You spend a little extra to have someone present your home in a new light, without clutter, with simple and beautiful things and nothing personal. You want prospective buyers to immediately see themselves in this home. After the staging, you can justify listing it at a higher price because it IS beautiful. You would even buy it!

Then let’s rewind. What if you consider living in the best version of your home long before you list it for sale? This is not to diminish the value of staging before listing and selling your home, it has proven over and over again how it is a good business investment. Friends have told me they could never have gotten as high a sale price if it weren’t for the ingenious staging. But, why not enjoy the best version of your house long before you leave it? It’s too bad that people see the beauty of their things only after they’ve decided to let it go.

This is not so far off from presenting the best version of yourself. Why wait for a special occasion to get that overdue haircut, makeover or wardrobe update? Do it for your home and yourself. Challenge yourself to present the best version of your home starting today!


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