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Small changes can make big differences. Today's challenge is to gather all your batteries in your home and dedicate one easy access drawer. In these high tech times, most homes have a full selection of double and triple A batteries somewhere throughout the house. Often it's easier to buy a new pack or take the ones from a remote control rather than find the new ones in times of need! Especially if it's during a critical video game. The key is to decide on the most convenient drawer to make the 'battery drawer' for the household.

All-of-a-Kind Drawer

Candles or batteries are just one example of the type of where-are-they-when-you-need-them items that you end up rebuying all too often. Keeps track by corralling like items with a grid of interlocking inserts tailored to the contents—whether that’s candles, batteries, or cosmetics. For best results, bring along sample contents and drawer dimensions when you shop.

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A Good Night Table

Looking for more beauty sleep? We all are. But seriously, If a cluttered and messy bedside table is the last thing you look at when you go to sleep, consider adding dividers to your drawer to create compartments. With the right setup, there’s a place for your remote, glasses, notepad phone, and beauty potions, leaving the top free for lamp, book and sweet dreams.

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