Simplifying life and organizing have been my ongoing tenets from my earliest days climbing the corporate ladder, to event planning days, where I joyously organized over 100 weddings. Then in 2012, career and life opportunities took my husband and I to live in Europe. We leased out our Toronto home, rented a 10' by 5' storage unit, and went through the process of deciding what was truly important to store, donate, sell or take with us.  What started as a one year venture turned out to be four years. Throughout this time, we became minimalists in our shopping, as we could only own what we could carry. It was like the popular question "if you could only take 5 items to a deserted island, what would you take?"  It was surprisingly very freeing and helped me become a champion carry-on traveller. Once you identify your favourite things, it's really easy to pack because you take them all.

Fast forward to today, with my Professional Organizer of Canada training and unstoppable enthusiasm to organize and declutter the world one home at a time, I believe that creating space and time for what truly matters changes lives.

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